Small Donors Propel Susan Funk Into the Fundraising Lead In District 5 Supervisor’s Race

Contact: Vicki van den Eikhof, Campaign Manager, Funk for County Supervisor 2024: (805) 391-4440


January 30, 2024

Atascadero, CA – Based on reports submitted to the County, Susan Funk’s campaign has now taken the lead in fundraising in the hotly contested District 5 County Supervisor race. Funk has outraised her opponent by building a much broader base of support. 

Based on the two reports recently submitted, and all the reports submitted to date together, total funds raised for Funk by Jan. 20 exceeded $296,000, versus $256,000 for Moreno. In addition to totals, each report includes every individual donation for donors contributing $100 or more during the reporting period. For the July 1-Dec. 31, 2023 reporting period, Funk’s report required 157 pages, while Moreno’s report was 45 pages long.

“I am humbled that my campaign has received over 1500 donations, some of them $10 or $25 from people who saved up to make that happen,” said Funk. “These reports reflect the effects of the Board of Supervisors’ action to reduce the maximum contribution per donor from $25,000 to $5500.” Comparing the reports submitted by each campaign for the second half of 2023, Funk noted, “Our campaign’s semi-annual report is more than three times as long as my opponent’s, showing that more people are contributing smaller amounts to my campaign, while my opponent relies heavily on large donations. This is the difference between big-money politics and the hard work of building community, getting thousands of people to move together toward a brighter future.”

Since September 2023, the Funk campaign has knocked on 10,000 doors to talk with voters, made over 4000 phone calls, hand-written thousands of postcards, and held dozens of events, both big and small. Funk has over 50 volunteers who regularly canvass with her and several dozen people who make phone calls, all of whom are local volunteers. 

The totals here reflect reports submitted by each campaign on FPPC Form 460 for three time periods (1/1/23-6/30/23, 7/1/23-12/31/23, and 1/1/24-1/20/24). Data can be accessed through the County of San Luis Obispo Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure.

For more information about Funk's campaign or to get involved, please visit her website.


About Susan Funk:

Since being elected to the Atascadero City Council in 2018, Susan Funk has used her leadership skills to solve problems and move the community forward. As a local business owner and mother, Susan knows what it will take to preserve our small-town rural charm and values while building a safe, vibrant community for the future that attracts businesses, restaurants, head of household jobs, and offers opportunities for young people, families, and seniors. Susan is a leader in the countywide effort to address homelessness, and understands the importance of real solutions to complex issues like water management and housing affordability.

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