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Meet Susan

I’m Susan Funk, an experienced and dedicated public servant, a successful small business owner, a proud parent, a people person who knows how to listen, and a person who loves to sing and dance. I’m not afraid to tackle tough issues, especially those vexing and complex problems like next-generation housing, homelessness, and water resources that will determine our quality of life in the SLO county of the future.
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Delivering Results

Public Safety

Susan believes that protecting public safety requires an effective, unbiased law enforcement structure, staffed by first-responders who are well paid, equipped, trained and supported by mental health professionals. Comprehensive disaster management plans are also required, along with mental health and addiction services for county residents.

Housing Affordability & Homelessness

Susan leads in the countywide fight on homelessness, having driven development of a coordinated multi-agency plan to address the crisis. The County and its partners are now working to improve coordination between agencies and to significantly increase the inventory of affordable housing, the number of shelters, and the availability of mental health and addiction services.

Advancing Representative, Transparent & Accountable Governance

Susan is a leader and a collaborator with established relationships across the community. She believes government must be inclusive, and must provide opportunities for engagement and oversight by its constituents. Her door will be open to all and she will routinely communicate with the public about current issues.

Empowering SLO County’s Future: Opportunities for Residents & Families

Susan works to foster a vibrant community where people wish to live. She promotes environmentally-sensitive economic development, and embraces the County’s innovative energy projects. She supports local labor unions as they work to secure well-paying jobs with safe and family-friendly working conditions and to provide training programs for our youth.

Advancing Quality of Life in SLO County

Susan is committed to protecting the environment while supporting development to enhance the County’s roads and infrastructure and raise residents’ living standards. She envisions a future where residents have what they need to live, work and pursue leisure activities. An opponent of discrimination and hate speech, she advocates for inclusive policies that welcome people of all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities.

Guaranteeing Water Security for SLO County’s Future

Susan understands the crucial role water plays in both sustaining our local economy—via agriculture and tourism—and ensuring the well-being of every resident. She will implement robust measures to remedy the overdraft pumping of crucial aquifers, and will pursue data-driven strategies for resource conservation and effective recycling.

Committing to Fiscal Responsibility for the County & its Residents

Holding an MBA and a Certificate in Public Management, Susan recognizes that good government requires adequate financial resources to meet community needs. Not only has she successfully worked to increase Atascadero’s income, she has the skills to make prudent spending decisions and wise investments for the future.

Protecting People and the Environment

Susan environmental priorities include reducing the use of fossil fuels, protecting local air quality, limiting the impacts of human developments on important habitats, preserving natural attractions that enhance tourism, and maintaining our essential water supply. She supports the development of renewable energy projects which are designed to minimize possibly negative local impacts.
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There are many ways to help Susan win the District 5 Supervisor’s seat. Join with hundreds of other SLO County residents to help Susan by signing up below.
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