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Meet Susan

I’m Susan Funk, an experienced and dedicated public servant, a successful small business owner, a proud parent, a people person who knows how to listen, and a person who loves to sing and dance. I’m not afraid to tackle tough issues, especially those vexing and complex problems like next-generation housing, homelessness, and water resources that will determine our quality of life in the SLO county of the future.
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What Susan Will Do For SLO County

As Supervisor, Susan will advocate for residents of the 5th District to sustain and improve the quality of life for all, and she will strengthen regional collaboration to address the critical challenges facing San Luis Obispo County.

Susan will work to make the County Government more accountable, transparent and responsive to you.


  • Advocate for a mix of housing types that working people and seniors can afford – townhomes, duplexes, tiny homes, cohousing, ADUs, apartments, clusters of smaller homes, designated affordable units and more
  • Build resilient infrastructure that creates great neighborhoods and connects communities


  • Implement the Countywide Plan to Address Homelessness
  • Add short-term and permanent housing that is integrated with services
  • Coordinate between agencies, and use data and performance metrics to ensure accountability
  • Expand and improve mental health and addiction services


  • Protect water basins for the future, prioritizing drinking water and agriculture
  • Equitably implement the Paso Basin Groundwater Sustainability Plan, testing new options as needed

Roads and Infrastructure

  • Maintain community and rural roads
  • Fix potholes promptly
  • Improve key intersections and interchanges for safety and traffic flow – not just in South County
  • Complete the Bob Jones Trail extension to utilize the grant money already received
  • Seek grant funding for the Atascadero-Templeton connector

Public Safety

  • Continue to ensure that law enforcement has the funding needed to serve our communities
  • Increase the integration of mental health with policing to better handle homelessness
  • Prepare for Emergencies and expand the “Know Your Zone” Evacuation Plan

Advancing Quality of Life

  • Protect and promote access to the full range of women’s healthcare
  • Ensure free and fair elections locally
  • Create an independent citizen’s commission on redistricting to make sure election maps are drawn legally and fairly
  • Promote fiscal responsibility and resource accountability - providing stable leadership for County government
  • Promote career pathways for the middle class and advocate for fair labor agreements
  • Advocate for more clean and renewable energy sources
Susan is already delivering results! Check out more of her goals and what she has already accomplished by clicking the button below. 
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There are many ways to help Susan win the District 5 Supervisor’s seat. Join with hundreds of other SLO County residents to help Susan by signing up below.
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Susan’s supporters include Republicans, Independents, and Democrats–your friends and neighbors. Add your endorsement below.

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