• "As a registered nurse and public health nurse, a mom and a grandmother, I appreciate Susan’s respect for science. Her thoughtful and specific plan development for addressing housing issues and energy needs demonstrate her critical thinking skills."
    - Patricia Frey, BSN RN PHN
  • "Susan is a compassionate, energetic person who brings different people together to create change. We know she will bring that vibrance to the public, working hard every day to make SLO County a better place for everyone."
    - David & Naomi Blakely
  • "The Central Coast needs housing across the income spectrum in order for all walks of life to thrive here. SLO County YIMBY enthusiastically endorses Susan Funk for her comprehensive and balanced approach to solving the housing shortage."
    - Krista Jeffries
  • "I support Susan Funk for supervisor because of her proven record of translating the needs of her community from talk into action. She understands both the limits and the strengths of local government so she can focus on attainable, real life results that benefit everyone."
    - David Garth
  • "I appreciate a candidate with heart, with experience, with proven leadership skills. And I REALLY appreciate supervisor candidate Susan Funk who leads with data–not opinion–and has the resolve to make the tough decisions to get stuff done."
    - Sandi Sigurdson
  • "Susan Funk embodies the leadership our students and young people need in SLO. With a deep understanding of our community's needs, Susan will champion our concerns with unwavering dedication and insight. I trust Susan to represent us with thoughtfulness and effectiveness. She's the advocate we've been waiting for in district 5!"
    - Darius Rogness, Cal Poly Student
  • "Susan is someone who believes in a San Luis Obispo County for all. She is diligent, empathetic, compassionate, and attentive to the challenges that face everyone here."
    - Yessenia Echevarria, Community Organizer and Latino Advocate
  • "San Luis Obispo County needs Susan’s proven leadership that brings people together to solve complex problems and with an MBA from Stanford in Public Management coupled with over 25 years running her own business, she has the real experience we need more than ever."
    -  Eric Michielssen & Dana Tryde, Retired Corporate Broker, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing and Organic Farmers
  • "My career in law enforcement in California has sharpened my people assessment skills. Susan Funk offers experience and plans that would complement public safety efforts. The current failure to protect American schools and children from gun violence should be of paramount concern. I supported and voted for Susan for Supervisor."
    -  Jim Carlisle, Retired LEO
  • "As a small business owner, Atascadero Planning Commissioner, Republican, and Civil Engineer, I appreciate Susan Funk’s approach to problem-solving. She jumps right into a problem, gathers data from all perspectives, and makes well-reasoned decisions - even when the decisions are not politically expedient. Although we don’t see eye to eye on all issues, Susan Funk is the best District 5 County Supervisor candidate and has my vote."
    -  Jeff van den Eikhof, Atascadero Planning Commissioner & Business Owner
  • "It’s vital that we vote our values. As a husband, father, retired airline pilot and volunteer fire fighter, the values that are important to me are Integrity, Accountability, Diligence, Discipline and the ability to work with others without prejudice. I’m voting for Susan Funk because I have seen her demonstrate these and many other values that have made Atascadero and SLO County better for all."
    -  Cal Gunther
  • "Susan Funk is the most qualified for the job. She listens to everyone so she can understand what’s really needed, then she makes decisions based on the facts on the ground. She never skirts the issues. She’s exactly what our county needs."
    -  Brenda May
  • "I spent 27 years as a police officer and/or investigator. Since retiring in 2011, I have been involved in instructing local, state and international law enforcement officers. I became familiar with Susan Funk when she ran for Atascadero City Council the first time. I have had several opportunities to talk with her on many topics regarding law enforcement.

    Susan has always shown support and respect for Atascadero PD, and law enforcement in general, during the multiple conversations that we have had over the years. She listens with an open mind and a desire to become more educated to the challenging times law enforcement officers are facing. In order to expand her understanding, she has taken time to see, firsthand, how our local officers are trained.

    To say she wants to “Defund the police” is a bold face lie and an obvious part of a smear campaign. She fought to get a measure on the ballot of the last election cycle to fund new positions for APD and AFD. That sounds pretty supportive of continued law enforcement funding."
    -  Cathy Bianchi, Retired Master Police Officer
  • "There is no higher responsibility for local government than providing public safety for our communities. Susan Funk understands this and will make sure our communities are protected."
    - Robert Lewin, CAL FIRE/SLO County Fire, retired
  • "I trust Susan Funk to lead SLO County, to be well-informed, prioritizing the needs of ALL the people and the environment of the Central Coast. For many years, she has effectively served our community with intelligence, integrity and lots of hard work. She will make an outstanding 5th District supervisor."
    - Rick Mathews, Owner, Madrone Enterprises
  • "As a fellow business owner, community member and independent voter, I endorse Susan Funk who I know to be an "issues person" and a dynamic and creative problem solver. Her listening skills and general interest in people/community, her ability to bring people together, and her commitment to follow through has been a great asset to the City of Atascadero. 

    The business sector and community events have had dramatic overhauls while Susan has served on the Atascadero City Council. She uses her natural positive energy and impressive talents and skills to put problem solving before anything else–before party, before special interests, before considering WHOSE problem it is or whether it will curry favor. Susan puts things in perspective to the whole: she simply looks at a situation, evaluates it, and quite matter-of-factly addresses it, assuming her colleagues will do the same."
    - Deborah Skinner
  • "Not only is Susan a forward-thinking, hardworking, experienced public servant, she shares my vision for uniting our community around good governance, consensus building, and regional collaboration. She is a good listener with a passion for doing good. She also believes in my "big tent" philosophy, where we seek to meet people where they are, and represent and welcome everyone in our community. We have a real opportunity in Susan to elect a strong leader."
    - Supervisor Jimmy Paulding
  • “Susan isn't afraid to do the hard work of leadership. I know how much energy it takes to build consensus, and I've seen Susan do it over and over again. The time she spends really studying the issues and discerning the facts means that her proposals and ideas are not beholden to a single political party or special interests. Her willingness to listen with respect to all points of view--to reach out across the political divide--is exactly the kind of leadership we need in SLO county. Susan Funk has my full support for District 5 Supervisor.”
    - Congressman Salud Carbajal
  • “Our whole county needs Susan Funk as the next District 5 Supervisor because she will bring a deep understanding of issues that affect all our residents and the drive to craft solutions that will work. She shares my values of commitment to our communities, our environment and our shared future.”
    - Supervisor Bruce Gibson
  • "Susan Funk supports the economic and social health of our community. She makes good decisions by doing her homework, researching, gathering opinions from her constituents, and being open to new ideas. She is a positive person, committed to working in a bipartisan manner."
    - Grenda Ernst
  • “We love Susan and what she has done for Atascadero. We look forward to the good work she’ll do for the entire county once she’s elected!”
    - Mike & Charlotte Byrne
  • “We feel strongly that Susan is the best candidate for Supervisor for District 5. Her even-handed, problem-solving, consensus-building skills are sorely needed on the Board of Supervisors.”
    - Pati & Bruce Everett
  • "Susan Funk is an intelligent, informed and community-oriented leader focused on the issues of importance to county residents. She is a voice of reason and respect for others in a time when such qualities are sorely lacking in many elected officials. Susan's election to the Board of Supervisors will help ensure we have a Board that listens and is responsive to all its constituents in developing and enacting meaningful decisions that benefit us all."
    - Larry Allen, Retired Air Pollution Control Officer
  • "Susan is one of the few in government that I hesitate to call a politician as she is intelligent, honorable, trustworthy, and totally invested in working for her constituents without any consideration of self aggrandizement. Her concerns are reflected in related efforts to improve community conditions that may not receive the spotlight or cater to the few."
    - Mardis Geredes
  • “We expect that by working together we can create a better quality of life for all members of our community, including women, veterans, youth, and disadvantaged residents. We stand proudly with Susan Funk in building better community wealth.”
    - Manley McNinch, Vice President of Carpenters Local 805 & Political Deputy for the Southwest Mountain States Regional Council of Carpenters
  • "Susan isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, to insist on living wage jobs for San Luis Obispo County. She understands the importance of local hiring, securing jobs with good wages and benefits, and creating career opportunities for young people. We are happy to support Susan's leadership in ensuring economic stability and growth opportunities for families in San Luis Obispo County."
    - Jeremy Goldberg, Executive Director of the Central Coast Labor Council
  • "We are happy to support Susan. Her strong advocacy for families, her efforts to increase local hiring, along with jobs with good wages and benefits, and career opportunities for young people, makes her the right candidate for the job. The IBEW has a strong history of advocating for these things and are glad to be able to support candidates who share our values."
    - Mark Simonin, President of Local 639
  • "There is no higher responsibility for local government than providing public safety for our communities. Susan Funk understands this and will make sure our communities are protected"
    - Robert Lewin, Fire Chief ret.
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