Susan Funk Announces Endorsement by Central Coast Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Contact: Vicki van den Eikhof

Campaign Manager, Funk for County Supervisor 2024

(805) 391-4440


Sept. 20, 2023

Atascadero, CA - Susan Funk, candidate for District 5 County Supervisor, has announced the endorsement of the Central Coast Labor Council, AFL-CIO (CCLC), a labor organization representing Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. 

The Central Coast Labor Council, representing a coalition of 75 different labor unions and organizations, has added their full support to Funk's campaign, recognizing her firm commitment to working families, economic development, and affordable housing.

In expressing their support for Funk's candidacy, Jeremy Goldberg,  executive director of the CCLC said, "Susan isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, to insist on living wage jobs for San Luis Obispo County.  She understands the importance of local hiring, securing jobs with good wages and benefits, and creating career opportunities for young people. We are happy to support Susan's leadership in ensuring economic stability and growth opportunities for families in San Luis Obispo County."

The endorsement from the CCLC is fueling momentum and enthusiasm up and down the Central Coast. Funk's commitment to addressing the realities of affordable housing, homelessness, water resources, public safety, and infrastructure has resonated deeply with voters, and this latest endorsement reinforces the growing support for Funk's vision for a stronger, safer, and more prosperous San Luis Obispo County.

In accepting the endorsement, she said, "I’m grateful to have the support of the CCLC. I will continue to advocate strongly for the next generation of families by working hard to bring more affordable housing as well as creating jobs that will allow young people to stay in the area–to live, work, and start families here in San Luis Obispo County."

Funk has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to housing affordability and homelessness, public safety, advocating for transparent and accountable government, prudent financial and water management, making her the most qualified and capable candidate to lead District 5 and San Luis Obispo County into a brighter future.

The County Supervisor election is set to take place on March 5, 2024, and with CCLC backing, Funk is eager to continue engaging with voters and communities across San Luis Obispo County, sharing her vision and listening to the concerns and aspirations of the people.

For more information about Funk's campaign or to get involved, please visit her website.


About Susan Funk:

Since being elected to the Atascadero City Council in 2018, Susan has used her leadership skills to solve problems and move the community forward. As a local business owner and mother, Susan knows what it will take to preserve our small-town rural charm and values while building a safe, vibrant community for the future that attracts businesses, restaurants, head of household jobs, and offers opportunities for young people, families, and seniors. Susan is a leader in the countywide effort to address homelessness, and understands the importance of real solutions to complex issues like water management and housing affordability.

About the Central Coast Labor Council:

The Central Coast Labor Council is a coalition of 75 labor unions throughout the Central Coast, working together to fight for working people. The CLCC represents workers in a wide range of industries, from Brick and Tile Layers to Nurses to Ironworkers, Cement Masons, Farm Workers, Machinists, Teachers, and more. The CCLC advocates for the working families of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties. Through community, workplace and political organizing, they work to ensure that working people have the fundamental right to representation in the workplace and the ability to democratically organize themselves. They believe that through collective action and solidarity, working people can achieve the highest standards of living and personal fulfillment, and that these efforts are vital to maintaining ethical democratic principles and ensuring that the world is a better place for future generations.

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